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Top Tips for Selling – Using an Independent Real Estate Agent Albany Creek

Using an Independent Real Estate Agent Albany Creek

Steve Gott, an Independent Real Estate Agent Albany Creek, is once again offering you his Top Tips for Selling.

Most sellers want the highest sale price for their home or they start out wanting to achieve the highest sale price.

Taking the wrong approach to selling and not doing your research can cost you $20,000 to $30,000 in the sale of your home. 

But there is a way to achieve the best outcome possible and it can be as simple as your choice of agent.

In this latest blog from Gott Realty, we present the next chapter in the series of Tips for Selling your Home – Using an Independent Real Estate Agent Albany Creek.

Selling Your Home for the Highest Sale Price

The 3 most important components of selling your home for the highest sale price are:

  • The agency including salesperson experience and if the agency has a total transparency policy in place for all transactions.
  • Pricing method used.
  • The promotion of the home.

The Agency

Real estate agency practice has changed dramatically over the last 20 years with the internet the biggest game changer. Buyers no longer search for properties in agents’ windows instead they search on the major portals and social media sites from the comfort of home or even using a mobile device.

Sellers using  agencies that are attached to franchise groups and agencies with large shop frontages may not be getting the best value for money with the sale of their home. These agencies must pay around $1500 franchise fees for every sale and rents are around the same amount per sale.

What is better value for the seller paying around $3000.00 in fees to that do not have a bearing on finding a buyer or diverting those fees into the promotion of their home and amazing photography that can attract the eye of a buyer.

Independent Agency

At Gott Realty, we are an independent agency and offer you the opportunity to save thousands of dollars in lower commission costs by being an online agency. We use modern technology to reduce our internal costs and pass these savings onto our sellers in the form of lower commission charges.  Our sellers also have access to our top tier promotions, potentially attracting more quality buyers and increasing their chances of selling at a higher price.

Total Transparency

Another important component to selling your home is total transparency by the agency. When you sell and close the front door for the last time, you don’t need the tinge of sadness that you are leaving your old home to be replaced by a feeling of “I just gave it away”. You may find yourself disappointed with how things transpired with the agent during the sales process.

We are totally transparent with all our sellers and buyers during the sales process.

An example of this is when an offer is placed on a home or we have multiple offers, we use a totally transparent negotiation method. All buyers and sellers know the exact position of each other with all offers being presented. This way, the seller can choose the option which suits them best. 

Pricing Method Used

We use a displayed pricing method when we offer a home to the market. The reason is that we know that displayed price appeals to all buyers in the market place. Up to 80% of buyers tell us that they don’t inspect other properties with no price displayed. 

As an agency, we want as many buyers as possible to inspect the home and displaying the prices attracts those serious buyers who will come and view the home and in turn make an offer.

Promoting Your Home

We use top tier promotions to attract top quality buyers to the property. We go to extraordinary lengths to promote a home. We use the following methods to increase buyer interest:

  • We often use video, as it is more interesting for buyers when looking on social media sites and real-estate listings as well.
  • Buyer booklets are the most successful advertising medium an agent can use in selling a home. We are the only agency that uses buyer booklet for every property we list in this area.
  • Photography is very important. We use methods which may include aerial drone, twilight floor plans and many photography technics that are available to have our sellers home stand out from other on the market.
  • Another aspect of our top tier promotions is that for all homes under $600,000 we include all costs into our competitive commission rates.

Sellers Are Asking – What is the market doing?

As a data driven agency knowing what the market is doing is paramount to giving good advice to our sellers. We know when suburb mini booms are taking place and can advise a seller as to the appropriate price to use and the best promotional campaign.

By combining these current factors, we can achieve the best outcome for our clients. As an agent, being on top of what is going on in the market place is going to help your clients achieve the best sale price.  

Top Tips for Selling – Using an Independent Real Estate Agent Albany Creek

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