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Top Tips for Selling: The 5 Biggest Buyer Turn Offs

Big Turn Offs for Buyers When Selling a Home

In this latest instalment of Gott Realty’s Top Tips for selling, we look at the biggest buyer turn offs.

When selling your home, the last thing you want to do is put buyers off. It doesn’t take much so we’ve covered the top things that send buyers running!

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The Top 5 things that Deter Buyers

1. Funny smells

Sometimes sellers don’t understand how offensive their home may smell. Sellers who smoke can generate buyers comments to the agent of “I will have to totally repaint if I bought this home”. These types of comments are designed to prepare the agent for a very low offer.

Other smells that can affect a buyer are pet smells, unclean smells or even mothballs. These fragrances can be overwhelming and ultimately cost you a lot of money in the eventual sale price.

Top Tip: A lot of the time we can’t smell something we are used to, so ask a friend or relative to take a sniff and give their honest opinion on if anything needs fixing.

2. Your home has too much personality

A lot of people love to pour their heart, soul and personality into their home. But, unfortunately this can be too much for some buyers. Yellow, red, green, orange and dark brown walls will turn a lot of buyers off which is frustrating when a new coat of paint will solve the problem.

Another cause is the actual seller not wanting to sell their beloved home. This can occur with owners who have lived in the home for many years or the elderly who are incapable of living in the home anymore and don’t want to move to a retirement village.

NOTE: All offers, regardless of the amount, are required to be given to the seller for their consideration. A salesperson does not have the right to accept or reject an offer unless they have specific instructions from the registered owner of the property.

3. The Seller turns down an inspection

The seller turns down an inspection – This happens often. Buyers are funny creatures, if they want to see a home, they want to see it when it suits them, and normally right away.

More often than not the mid-week inspection is just inconvenient to the sellers and they delay the viewing until another day. When this happens, it is very rare that a buyer will reschedule. This is normally because they have a couple of other properties lined up to inspect the same day.

The property that they don’t get to see is forgotten about and they go on to view the others and ultimately buy one of the properties they had got to see when they wanted.

4. Sellers set up cameras to spy on buyers and agents

Buyers and agents can feel if they are being spied on with electronic surveillance. If the seller has doubts about the honesty of the agent and resorts to this type of activity, they should not have employed the agent in the first place.

Buyers want to look at a home and feel as if the home is suitable for them. To know or feel that they are being spied on does not give the buyer a good feeling about the home and also sends a signal to the buyers that the neighbourhood may not be a safe place to live.

5. Sellers who hang around or pose as a buyer during open homes

Everyone can spot the owner at an open home. Again, buyers want to view the home in their own time and space without the owner breathing down their neck.

As an agent, looking at a seller pretending they are a buyer is one of the funniest things to watch. It is hard to decide whether to laugh or cringe.

However, sending a friend along to an open home also has the same affect. Usually, this pretend buyer points out features to other buyers at the open home at the top of their voice. It can be very embarrassing for those involved and, in some cases, can put buyers off potentially purchasing the property.

Top Tips for Selling: The 5 Biggest Buyer Turn Offs

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