We know that you want to achieve the highest sale price possible for your home.

Here at Gott Realty our goal is the same as our sellers.

With 40 years’ experience and access to proprietary sales data, in our opinion, Top Tier Promotions is the only option.

Below we share our insider real estate selling secrets including:

  1. What is top tier advertising and why it works
  2. Why photography is crucial for top tier promotions
  3. How code words and embracing technology will help market your home

Marketing a home for sale has also evolved dramatically over the past few years.

You can no longer rely on buyers looking in real estate windows, newspapers or driving around looking for ‘For Sale’ signs.

A quality advertising campaign must blend digital and traditional marketing methods – and resonate with buyers.

Advertising is a critical component of the sale process – and will directly influence how many quality buyers you attract to your property. 

The more quality potential buyers you attract, the better chance you’ll have of getting top dollar for your property.

And most real estate agents separate their commission from any advertising costs. Meaning you could be paying $15,000 – $25,000 commission at the time of sale; plus, a further $2,000 – $4,000 up front for advertising.

Yes, it’s a lot of money. But choosing a lower tier of advertising can stall the sale of your home and impact the final sale price.

Unfortunately, the high perceived cost of advertising and lack of experienced advice from some real estate agents can be a driving force behind most seller’s decision to opt for lower and cheaper levels advertising which are – quite frankly – ineffective.

Real Estate Advertising on the Internet

Each online real estate portal – such as realestate.com.au and Domain – offer various levels of advertising. And each price point directly relates to the level of exposure your property will receive.

If you’re seeking the best sale price, top tier advertising is your only choice.

What is Top Tier Promotion?

Top tier placements are always positioned on the first pages of results for your suburb, are largest in size and continually rotate back to the front page every 10 to 15 days. These listings are called ‘Premiere Property’ on realestate.com.au or ‘Platinum’ on Domain.

Lower levels of advertising are placed behind top tier property ads. Meaning potential buyers need to search many other pages of properties before they see yours.

What you need to know...

If you opt for cheaper advertising, expect to be towards the back pages for your suburb – out of sight and mind – and harder to find for buyers searching on mobile devices.

CASE STUDY: Why Top Tier Real Estate Promotion Works

The graph shows the number of property views (buyer interest) that took place on an actual home we had for sale and advertised online.

This seller used 3 different levels of advertising available before a buyer was found.

The third and final phase was when the property was listed using top tier advertising. The home was sold within 17 days of being upgraded to ‘Premiere Property’ on realestate.com.au.

EXPERT TIP: Choose A Real Estate Agency Contracted to use Premiere Property

Be warned – not every real estate agency has access (or is contracted) to use Premiere Property with all their listings.

So, you may be out of pocket an extra $2,000 or more to use certain top tier advertising platforms.

Killer Photography (and Videography) is Crucial for Top Tier Advertising

So, you’re going to invest in top tier advertising, don’t waste the opportunity to appeal to and excite buyer’s with poor photography.

You want to hit a nerve with the potential buyer, to get them excited, and inspire them to act – to take the next step and inspect the home.

Buyers want to be able to immerse themselves in your home and imagine what it would be like to live there well before they step foot inside it.

Preparing your home for sale is crucial. Every picture tells 1000 words, so the saying goes.

First impressions are lasting impressions. Your photographs must stand out in the crowd – but they must also be accurate. And match the experience of the potential buyer during an open home inspection.


When this aligns, and the experience in-person matches the feeling conveyed online through quality advertising and photography – you’re in a strong position to get a very good offer.

Real Estate Photography Essentials


Still photography gives you the opportunity to showcase your home’s most outstanding features such as pool, gardens, family and living areas, kitchens and bathrooms. Some homes photograph extremely well with twilight shots, helping capture the ambience and warmth.


Drone photography highlights the location, the allotment boundaries, local neighbourhood, schools, schools, shopping, public transport, parks sporting facilities.


Floorplans are equally important providing clarity for potential buyers on room sizes and layout of the home. This also enables buyers to place their furniture into your home, gauging size and liveability.


Video and 3D Photography are also recommended. Video offers another layer of information – and can convey more emotion – for the buyer.

“We’ve seen a dramatic increase in quality buyer inspections and higher offers since we introduced video to all suitable property listings.”

Property Video Examples


My partner and I purchased our first home through Gott Realty and were very pleased with the experience. Steve and Susan made the process easier by being accommodating and knowledgable. Though most of all, we appreciated their honesty and reliability - which was a breath of fresh air in the industry.As buyers we thought the photography, videography and 3D walk-through technology was helpful, professional and innovative.We definitely recommend purchasing a property through Gott!
Erin Logan
Erin Logan
11:12 08 May 19
If you want your house sold, you cannot go wrong with Steve and Susan from Gott Realty.They tell you what they will do and more importantly they do what they say they will do.From the moment they first came through my front door, they put me at ease. Their marketing strategy was brilliant.I followed their advice and my house sold after the first Open for Inspection. They kept me informed every step of the way.I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Gott Realty to family, friends and others. I cannot speak highly enough of both these two amazing people. Thank you Steve and Susan for making what was a daunting experience so easy.Michele
Michele Fort
Michele Fort
23:46 21 Oct 18
Excellence in service and communication.
John Mcdonnell
John Mcdonnell
03:22 01 Aug 18
Steve comfortably guided use through selling our has at the start of the COVID19 pandemic. He kept us to date with the currant market, providing us with his expertise knowledge when we asked for it. Although his expertise was appropriated the service that came second to none was that he and Susan coordinated the improvements of our recently rented house. They organised the painters, carpet replacement and gardeners to ensure that our home was immaculately presented and ready sell.
Katrina Dekker
Katrina Dekker
02:04 28 Jul 20
Sound honest advice from from his knowledge and experience . we are extremely thankful for his support during the selling process which reduced the pressure of this experience
phil rumballe
phil rumballe
01:42 22 Aug 20

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