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Tips for Selling Your Home: What Internal Paint Colours Will Generate the Best Sale Price?

What internal paint colours will get the best sale price?

In this blog, we reveal the internal colours that will generate the best sale price as part of our Gott Realty Top Tips for Selling Your Home series.

The colours you choose to paint your home can have a huge impact on the sale price when it comes time to list your property and sell up.

You may love bright yellow, dark blue, emerald green, red, black, purple or any of the other bold colour palettes available for your internal walls, even if it’s just one feature wall.

But 99.9% of buyers don’t.

And it can cost you big time!

While painting your home a strong colour may appeal to you – and seem like a good idea at the time – it’s near impossible to find a buyer in that 0.1% who shares the exact same taste as you.

Case Study

Here’s two real-life examples from Albany Creek.

Both properties were low set large 4-bedroom brick homes, one with a pool, the other in prime position to local schools – but both featured shades of canary yellow throughout.

And both homes sat on the market for months.

All buyers inspecting these two homes commented on the colours and how much it would cost to repaint.

While it’s easy to assume that a buyer could easily paint over it if it wasn’t to their taste, the reality was, potential buyers over-estimated the cost and effort involved and ruled out the property completely. They put it in the too hard basket.

In the end, both property owners took their homes off the market, repainted the entire interior and re-listed some 9 to 12 months later.

The results after listing second time round – with a new colour scheme – were chalk and cheese.

Because of their sought-after positions in Albany Creek and a layout that was ideal for families, both properties sold within a few weeks of re-entering the market and at higher prices than originally asked.

While it was a great result, the owners still lost out as repainting did not generate a sufficiently high sale price to cover the cost of the repainting exercise.

The moral of the story – keep to neutral hues that will appeal to a broader audience of buyers. You want to avoid alienating people who would otherwise be bang up for buying your home. It will cost you money!

It was a tough lesson to learn for the owners, but it did convince them not to select bright or ‘out there’ colour schemes in the future.

And if you are insistent in choosing bright internal colours, when it comes time to sell, repaint before you even think about inviting an agent in to appraise your home.

So what are the paint colours that will generate the best sale price?

Boring as it might sound, the best shades to paint the inside of your home is pale whites or off-whites, modern creams, and some very light greys.

Remember – you can always inject personality and bright colours through your furniture, décor and styling. The options are endless! And won’t cost you hard earned dollars should the time come to sell your home.

What paint colours to avoid?

In addition to the bright or bold colours mentioned at the beginning of this blog, it’s also wise to stay aware from light blues and light greens.

Own a property with less than favourable colours and thinking of selling?

Definitely consider a repaint job before you list or employ a colour consultant with an expert eye for selecting a modern colour set that is very popular and will help add value to a home.

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