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The Best Bang for Buck Property Advertising

Bang for your buck property advertising

In this blog, Gott Realty looks at the best bang for buck property advertising.

With 40 years of industry experience, we understand the power of advertising in the property market and have in-depth knowledge of the types of publicity which draw potential buyers to an open home and hopefully find their dream property.

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Value for Money Advertising

1. Premier placements on websites

The major real estate websites offer the best value for money when you consider what you get from them. You can choose premier placements that position your property in front of many potential buyers for 60 days. However, these advertisements are around $2000 for that period of time.

Of course, the seller can choose a lower-level advertisement starting from a standard ad which is placed at the back of the website. These ads can cost from $0 upwards, but they only reach an estimated 50 per cent of buyers.

2. Lower-level advertisements on websites

There’s a big risk in selecting a lower-level advertisement, as they aren’t always suited to mobile devices and with more than 50 per cent of buyers searching for a property on their phone you could miss a large portion of your target audience.

Also, many potential buyers become tired of scrolling through homes on a small mobile device and may not spend time looking through all the search pages.

3. Social media

Another very cost-effective method of advertising is via social media platforms, which can be an excellent way to reach sleeper buyers.

A sleeper buyer is someone who has been looking for some time, given up and then comes across the perfect home on social media. It happens more often than many would believe.

4. Buyer booklets

An old-school marketing method that is still relevant is a high-quality glossy buyer booklet.

Many agencies have dropped this very important marketing tool, believing that there is no place in the marketing package for it. However, in my 40 years of selling residential real estate we have used high-quality buyer booklets.

The booklet’s big advantage is that a potential buyer can hold, feel and immerse themselves into the home.

They can show the property to their friends and family, which often happens when the buyer is falling in love with the home. And when a buyer loves a home, they tend to make higher offer for it.

5. Newspapers

Newspapers have been a waste of time now for many years. Very few people buy a newspaper and if they do you have to hope that the purchaser of the newspaper is wanting what you have to sell.

These are incredibly small odds. I would think a seller would have a better chance of winning gold lotto on Thursday night.

The Best Bang for Buck Property Advertising

We hope this blog helps you decide which advertising method to choose when listing your property. 

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