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How to get the Best Price for Bray Park Home

Are you looking to sell and want to know how to get the best price for your Bray Park home?

Gott Realty has more than 40 years of experience in real estate and will work with you to achieve the best possible price for your sale.

But don’t be fooled, we might have been in the industry awhile, but are constantly evolving and stay at the forefront of technology to ensure our real estate practices work.

We also don’t misled vendors on how much their home is worth and will talk you through the best way to market your home for sale.

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What pricing methods work best in Bray Park?

When you are ready to sell your home and start talking to real estate agents they will talk to you about a variety of pricing methods. These will range from fixed price; offers over and a variety of “fake” pricing methods (ie. for sale now) and some may even suggest auction.

We delve in pricing methods – the good, bad and ugly in this blog here.

Bray Park is a very much a family area with most homes selling every 10 years or so. With massive changes taking place in the market place all the time we know it can be very confusing for sellers to choose the best method for them.

How to pick a real estate agent in Bray Park

When you ask a salesperson for an appraisal on your home, the salesperson should supply you – the seller – with 3 examples of very similar homes sold in the past 6 months. This is recommended by the REIQ and is called a CMA (Competitive Market Analysis).

This CMA should include:

  • The Sold Price
  • Days on the market (DOM)
  • First advertised price
  • Final advertised price
  • Percentage of the price drop (ideally less than 3.5%)

The next skill the salesperson requires is to advise the seller of a selling range. After that comes the pricing method.

It is at this point that most salespeople tend to fall in a heap. Fixed price is difficult to work out with the biggest worry of going too high and over pricing the property.

Offers over has its risks as well. Only about 50% of properties priced with the offers over method sell above the offers over figure stated.

For more detailed information and tips on pricing your home, click here.

If you have questions or concerns, call us on 0419 777 577 and we can talk you through the success rate for each method.

3 things a seller should do that will help get the best price

  1. Presentation – front yard, back yard and inside.
    It is very important to tidy up your home so it looks almost perfect. You should also prepare for readiness of sale by prepacking and moving items. And don’t overlook the backyard – it can be your secret weapon. Find out why here.
  2. Select an agency who operates with total transparency.
    This will put you in a position so you know exactly where you sit in the sales process.
  3. Use the best advertising and marketing available to you.
    For example, at Gott Realty our top tier advertising and marketing is ideal for your home in Bray Park.

How to get the best price for Bray Park home

Let Gott Realty help you achieve the best price for your Bray Park home today.

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