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Best Real Estate Agent Eatons Hill

Best Real Estate Agent Eatons Hill

For all the up-to-date market advice and property trends, Gott Realty is the top choice for your best real estate agent Eatons Hill.

We’re a modern, data driven agency with 40 years of industry experience, so we have a vast knowledge of the local market.

We’re here to help you sell your property at the right price with the least amount of inconvenience and stress on you.

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Best Real Estate Agent North Brisbane

Real estate is all about knowing the broader region you are selling in – in addition to the nuances of each suburb. What we mean by this is tracking what is happening across several suburbs to remain better informed of sale trends. 

As a local agent we go to great lengths to study the trends and movement within the market across our North Brisbane service suburbs.

We track the median price as well as the number of days on the market in each suburb. For us, days on the market is the very best indicator of what is happening in any suburb.

Suburbs have mini bursts in demand. This will cause an increase in sale price. And if you are not aware of these mini booms, a seller could under sell their home by tens of thousands of dollars.

3 questions to ask an Eatons Hill real estate agent before you sign up with them

1. How do you go about pricing a home and what pricing method do you use in the sale process?

The real estate agent you choose should have an accurate knowledge of days on the market and an even more accurate indicator of the market place properties under contract. Together, these two figures give a very good indicator of the current real estate market place. This information can be used to ascertain an accurate a starting price for a home based on the market.

Here at Gott Realty, days on the market give us an idea as to what the market is doing and we use these graphs as a guide. As a rule of thumb, 20 days on the market is a very buoyant market and anything over 45 days is starting to edge into a slow market.

2. How do you market and advertise a home?

Advertising a property is very interesting. Every home is different and requires a different approach to how it is advertised. With modern advertising methods the use of aerial photography and 3D are becoming an important factor in advertising.

Our agency uses the latest techniquesto advertise a home plus we still stick to one old school technique – high quality buyer brochures. Buyer brochures keep buyers engaged in the home after an inspection especially if they are interested in buying the home.

3. How do you negotiate a sale if you receive multiple offers?

For many agents negotiating a sale is a haphazard undertaking. The general rule of thumb is that a buyer will make an offer on a home and over a few hours the buyer and seller will meet in the middle and the sale is negotiated. If multiple offers are forth coming the situation becomes more complex and the likelihood of the property being under sold on price increases dramatically.

At Gott Realty we use the modern approach to negotiation – transparent negotiations. This involves all parties being able to see what other buyers are offering without seeing who is making the offer and giving the seller total confidence that they are selling for the highest sale price.

Best Real Estate Agent Eatons Hill

When it comes to selling houses, we always put the needs of client first.

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Our team has unprecedented access to local property data and insights, and we are here to help you sell your property for the best price possible with the least amount of stress.

Gott Realty service Albany Creek, Eatons Hill, Cashmere, Warner, Lawnton and Bray Park and many more areas across North Brisbane. Learn more here on our blog.

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