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3 Reasons Now is the Perfect Time For You to Sell in Bray Park

2 Reasons Now is the perfect time for you to sell in Bray Park

If you’re on the fence about selling your property, read on to find out 3 reasons now is the perfect time for you to sell in Bray Park.

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If you’re considering to sell your property in Bray Park or the surrounding areas, read on to find out why now is the perfect time or give us a call on 0419 777 577 or enquire online here.

Market Research Before You Sell

At Gott Realty, we believe all owners should be keeping an eye on market trends and watching what is happening in their own suburb at all times. 

As a person’s circumstances can change at the drop of a hat, the last thing you would want to be doing is deciding to sell without any knowledge of what is occurring in the local marketplace.

As your local real estate experts, Gott Realty will always offer professional and honest advice if you’re looking to sell your property. Just give us a call and one of our friendly team would be happy to discuss.

3 Reasons Now is a Good Time to Sell in Bray Park

1. Median sale price increase

In the last two years, Bray Park, Lawnton and Strathpine have seen about a $50,000 increase in the median sale price of homes.

Property owners who have a residence with unique features such as swimming pool, extra-large yard, sizeable shed, or modern bathrooms and kitchens, should be taking those attributes into consideration when deciding on a listing price.

2. Low interest rates

Low interest rates have had a significant impact on the number of buyers re-entering the marketplace. These rates with the continued prospect of low interest rates has helped with buyer confidence.

The passing of the last election has also had a positive impact with the number of non-auction properties sold around the election dropping to about 550 per week through Queensland. That figure is now at around 850 per week, which is a 35 per cent increase in the number of active buyers.

3. Days on the market

The number of days on the market for the suburb of Bray Park is consistently low.

A median-priced home is on the market for about 15 days – which is a true indicator that it’s a suburb on the move.

Buyers in Lawnton and Strathpine are still plentiful, with an average of around the 20 days on the market. But Warner is much higher, blowing out to over 40 days on the market during one month in 2019. 

Ongoing Trends

With buyer confidence on the increase, the chances of property owners selling for a higher sale price raises dramatically. 

Sellers should be looking at data like the charts Gott Realty have access to, to gauge the marketplace and consider available advertising strategies when selling their homes.

How a home is promoted to buyers and how many buyers inspect a home ultimately results in what the sale price will be.

Attracting large numbers of potentially excited buyers for the open homes can result in multiple offers.

Selling in Bray Park

If you are a property owner in Bray Park, it may just be the perfect time to put your home on the market.

To find out more about your suburb, please contact Gott Realty on 0419 777 577 or enquire online.

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